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davidmichaelbennett: Here's your personal message. We've apologize before on stuff, but we don't agree with this. I know that offends people, but it's not about pride, it's that it is so ridiculous to us. We don't want to lie to people, and that's what people want us to do with an "apology". We are not offended by the same stuff other people are, and yes I think trigger warnings are ridiculous... Does that make us bad people? I don't see the wrong here, but we can both agree concentration camps are wrong yeah?



I know there have been plenty of asks to both you and Bunny attempting to explain the trigger warning system, but judging by your use of the word ‘offends’, I don’t think you fully comprehend exactly why what you have done is wrong.

While jokes like these do offend people, that’s not the reason for the trigger warning system. The trigger system was put into place for victims and those with mental and physical illnesses who are physically and emotionally triggered by certain things. Let me give you an example.

One of your followers has epilepsy. Their seizures are triggered by flashing lights. Thankfully, they can block the tag #epilepsy warning, so if someone reblogs an animation,video, or a gif that has fast moving imagery or strobe effects to it, they don’t have to see it.. Suppose you blog something under those lines without adding a trigger warning. You are the reason this follower has had a seizure.

One of your followers is a rape victim. Rape jokes trigger graphic flashbacks and panic attacks to them. Thankfully, they can block the tag #rape mention, so they don’t have to be reminded of it. Say you make a post with a rape joke in it, even something simple, like the word ‘butthurt’ or something from the rape-apologetic anime series DRAMAtical Murder without adding a trigger warning. You neglected to show empathy for those who view your content, and have triggered an emotional breakdown out of this follower.

One of your followers is a recovering anorexic. Images of anorexic models, vomit, or anorexia jokes like the one Bunny made can trigger emotional responses, and in the worst case scenario, withdrawals. You can cause someone to relapsebecause you find their illness to be a joke. Thankfully, they can block the tag #eating disorders, to keep this from happening. You make a post using the term anorexia in a joking manner, like Bunny did. You neglect to respect other peoples triggers, and have triggered this follower to relapse. You have stunted this follower’s healing process. You are to blame for this, because you do not feel that tagging is important.

Trigger warnings aren’t about being offended. Trigger warnings are about keeping people safe. Sure, people got offended, but that’s not the main concern here. The main concern is keeping Tumblr a safe place for disabled individuals and survivors of any kind of abuse.

It’s not because you’re celebrities, everyone is expected to do it. Everyone. It’s our social standings in this community, because so many of us, so many of your fans, are the people that trigger warnings exist for. If you are going to be rude and irresponsible for your actions, maybe you should go someplace else.

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