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My name is Rebgel. I am from the Glade of Dreams on the planet Candalia.

Message from the angels oracle cards are so nice ahhh

I named my bunny Astara after pulling that card when picking her name. She is black and has silver streaks on her back like little stars :)




If you’re Tara, I’ll be Max. But if you’re Gimmie, I’ll be Gotchu. And if you’re Buck, I’ll be your bike. If you’re Alice, I’ll be your astronaut. And I’d carry Chicken to the car even though I’d know she was pretending to be asleep.

 - United States of Tara, S2 Ep12

I want someone who will love all of me. - Nikao

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when your friend cusses in front of your parents


"Never wanting to reveal to your friends how stressed and broken you really feel, to try and convince them that you’re still the happy, cheery girl they know.” (r.i.d)
Hello there Dema! I hope your day is going well. I hope you do not mind this curious question of mine, but I was wondering if you could tell us what Calkaria is like? :)


Do you mind if I focus on a specific part of Calkaria? Or do you want an overview?

As an overview, I would say Calkaria is like an advanced Earth, especially when it comes to technology and government. I know a lot about the Calkarian government as I will one day, be a part of it.

Calkaria runs in such a way that there are many separate leaders but one main council called the World Alliance of Regions, where each leader sits and discusses new laws and so on. I believe your equivalent would the the United Nations Summit?

All of our laws - or at least the majority - are world wide. I will just list off a few examples of what we have:

  • Marriage between any gender and any number of people is legal. You could even marry yourself if you were so inclined.
  • Harrassment towards anyone is a criminal offence. As is rape, there are no ifs, ands or buts. We have a zero tolerance abuse policy and sure fire ways to enforce it thanks to technology and fantasy concepts that exist in our universe.
  • Basic food and nutrition is paid for and maintained by the government. The general population does not have to pay.
  • Everyone is provided with a house free of charge.
  • Education is free for anyone who wishes to take part in it. Some schools do charge a small fee but nowhere near what you are charged here. I personally attended the most prestigious school on Calkaria and my family had to pay simply because I lived in a custom-built city for the duration of my studies. But it also has a multitude of scholarships and the acceptance numbers are very high, and only grew whilst I was there. 
  • Recently a standardised third pronoun has been introduced for anyone who does not fit the gender binary. I guess it helps when the person who runs the government is genderqueer.
  • Changing your gender is just a simple matter of filling in a form and having a discussion with a qualified psychologist over a video chat.

I think those are the big ones…

Our medical technology is very advanced as well.

  • Cloning is possible and has worked on both organs, and full people. I don’t know why you people have such a thing against cloning as the people created by it may be genetic identical of the people cloned, but they are not the same person. They also have souls and stuff like that.
  • Custom grown organs for people having gender reassignment surgery is very possible, as well as people who have suffered accidents.
  • People born blind or sufferng an accident can, and have, recieve a fully functional pair of mechanical eyes if, for some reason, the custom growing process is unusable.
  • Mental Health care is of the same importance as physical health.
  • There are more but let me know if you want to know.

As far as prejudice and stereotypes go…

  • We used to have a matriarchy and the remnants of it can still be seen today. It is not a good replacement for a patriarchy. It’s just as bad, just flipped. A lot of our old laws would seem ridiculous to you earthens - for example, up until the W.A.R was formed it was deemed impossible for a man to rape a woman in many countries. Also, men were not allowed jobs as their place was in the home. They were also not allowed to fight for their country in wars. They were lower class citizens all around. 
  • Manukians are considered to be the best doctors around. People have refused treatment from a white doctor because of this stereotype.
  • Lokian women are considered to be the strongest and most powerful because of our links to the old clans.
  • Rosearios and Darkshines used to be shunned because their family were responsible for the death of a historical figure. A war was started over this.

I think those are the main ones.

I hope you don’t mind me talking about the inner workings of our world, and not just how it looks… 

Lokia is a volcano, but the lava is kept at bay by a technological forcefield. We live in the volcano. 

There, now I have done both (I am horrible at descriptions, Jamie could do a much better job.)

I can also talk about my guardian powers if you want? At least a basic overview into them would not be too much of a spoiler for Emrys’ books.

Dema x





but when you hear a line in a movie/tv show dIREctLY frOM tHE bOOk


When the way they say the line is completely wrong


and the HP fandom never forgave and it never forgot


today in town i saw a girl who was 100% a spitting image of Lexi (Fiona’s girlfriend). it was bizarre, so so bizarre.. the right skin tone, the right hair, the right body type, the right makeup, the right fashion and she was super kind too which fits her as far as what Fiona has said. as she walked past me and Chris i couldnt help but stare, all she did was turn around to me and mouth to me “i LOVE your hair!” and she smiled and winked at me and carried on walking past.

i was in shock. it took me about an hour to stop saying to Chris “i wish i could’ve asked her for a picture” and “i cant believe that actually happened”.

it was a nice experience but it’s really shocked me and i dunno, i guess i’ve been kind of alarmed about it and it’s just kind of made me be like “huh..” all day. seeing the people you’ve seen in your head in the outside world is the strangest experience and it’s so hard not to stare, it’s hard not to want to just go up to talk to them because they seem so familiar but you cant :S

i kind of want to see her again